Foam Parties in CT, MA, and RI

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Colorful Creations is now booking foam parties in all of CT, MA, and RI!

Foam parties are this year’s break-out party trend that you’ve seen on social media and reality TV, and we’ve scaled them to the budget of anyone for any occasion.

Throw a foam party

Foam parties are an all-in-one kit for an amazing event. Some of the things our clients have used foam parties for are:

  • A splash day for camps and daycares that don’t have pool access
  • The main activity for kids’ birthday parties
  • An alternative activity for adult parties that doens’t need alcohol to be fun
  • A unique marketing magnet to family events looking to raise their attendance numbers
  • A memorable experience for party guests who have already seen it all
Kids playing at a foam party

What do you need to host a foam party?

To host a foam party, you only need a few things:

  1. A flat lawn or pavement with no rocks, stumps, drains, or anything to trip on.
  2. A faucet for a water hose to connect to, maximum 100 feet from the flat area
  3. A 3 prong, grounded outlet, maximum 100 feet from the flat area

That’s it! You don’t need any additional staffing or volunteers to run the foam cannon (since each foam cannon rental comes with a professional foam technician and everything we need), although children’s events should have adults present and supervising the children they’re in charge of.

A kid jumping in foam at a birthday party

Foam parties for camps, schools, and large groups

For large groups that run on a schedule, our office team will work with you to create a schedule for your foam party day. This normally looks like groups of up to 25 kids scheduled in 30 min increments throughout the day.

Our office will work with you to find the right schedule that works with your organization’s needs.

Foam parties for kids

Kids’ birthday foam parties

At Colorful Creations, our favorite events are kids’ parties! Our foam packages are built based on our experience in the industry and include:

  • 1 hour of foam-tastic play!
  • 1 foam cannon, tech, and set up
  • A family-friendly music mix of recent pop hits played in our sound system at a neighborhood-friendly level
  • Travel, set-up, and breakdown fees included in the package price

We recommend 1 hour of foam because kids tire out pretty quickly afterward. While we can add more foam time (just ask us when you’re booking), we also recommend airbrush tattoos and balloon twisting with a second artist as an add-on if you’re looking to keep kids entertained for a longer event. Both won’t get damaged when wet, and can be done either before or after the foam party.

and balloon twisting with a second artist as an add-on if you’re looking to keep kids entertained for a longer event. Both won’t get damaged when wet, and can be done either before or after the foam party.

A boy laughing with bubbles on his head

Foam events for adults

Foam parties were first popularized for adult events through social media, reality TV shows, and 5k runs. While Colorful Creations specializes in family events, we would love to work with your team in order to create a memorable event for any age!

Please let our office team know how many guests you’re expecting at the time of booking, and we can work with you to build a great package.

A woman dancing at an adult foam party

Foam Cannon Rental FAQ

Is the foam safe for kids?

Yes! You can see the Foam SDS here, but the foam doesn’t cause any irritation after we properly dilute it and run it through the foam cannon. The only time a child might be bothered by the foam is if they eat it, at which point they’ll normally gag or vomit and learn very quickly not to do it again.

Can I just rent a foam cannon at a discounted price?

Foam cannons weigh a lot more than the average child, have water and electricity running through them, and are difficult to operate if you’re not used to elements like water hardness or weather. For safety reasons (and your own ability to relax and enjoy the event), every “foam cannon rental” comes with a professional technician who takes care of everything for you.

Can we hold a foam party indoors?

If you have an indoor area with a dirt floor (such as a barn or walled tent) or an area with non-slip floors and a built-in drain (such as a nightclub), then yes!

Indoor areas that would not be good for a foam party would be athletic areas with no drainage (such as a basketball court, rollerskating rink, or astroturf field), with significant obstacles (such as a trampoline park), or a sliding surface (such as an ice rink or anything with hardwood floors).

Can we combine foam with a pool party? Or have the foam spray into a pool?

No. Because the foam will cover the surface of a pool it poses a significant drowning risk to even strong swimmers. All foam areas must be done either a minimum of 100 feet from a pool, pond, or body of water, or the body of water must be physically locked off with a gate or fence so it is entirely inaccessible to guests.

What music do you bring? Can you take playlist requests?

For smaller kids’ events, we play a mix of Kidz Bop and 90s throwbacks. Our foam technicians are busy at your event, so they put the playlist our office created on shuffle for everyone to enjoy! If you want playlist requests, they can simply hand you the AUX cable to throw on whatever playlist you’d like on your own phone. For safety, no kids are allowed in the foam tent, and cannot handle any device playing music or select songs from a playlist.

For adult parties and larger events, we offer DJ services that can be added to your foam party. You can work with our DJ to discuss music, or supply your own.

Can you hold my foam party rain date?

New England weather is notoriously fickle. We cannot hold a rain date because of high demand, however we will do our best to accommodate any rain date after your original event date is canceled. Unlike any of our other events, foam party deposits will be refunded in the case of a rain date if we are unable to find an alternative date.

And if you can’t reschedule but really need entertainment for a certain date? We can usually accommodate sending a face painter or balloon twister in place of our foam tech. Just ask when you’re speaking with our office!

or balloon twister in place of our foam tech. Just ask when you’re speaking with our office!

Can wheelchair users, people with limited mobility, or deaf/HOH partygoers enjoy a foam party?


Foam will not damage mobility devices, but there are two considerations. First, if the foam is on a lawn, it may make the ground wet and hard to navigate in using certain mobility devices hard to handle on wet ground. If a guest us using a mobility device, the party planner should be prepared to use a paved or concrete surface for the party. Second, the foam is wet and may damage electronic mobility devices, so electronic wheelchairs should not be used.

For party guests who can’t hear the music, the foam is still an awesome time. Please let us know at the time of booking if we can accommodate for deaf or hard-of-hearing party guests by adjusting our sound system in some way.

Teens smiling at the camera at a foam dance event

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